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Offset and Custom Wheels


Where wheels are concerned, offset is a measurement from the mounting surface to the center-line. Offset is a determining factor in fitting wheels to your car, and it determines whether the wheels you choose will hit your frame, rub your fenders or fill your wheel wells nicely. Here, you will learn about offset and its role in wheel selection.

Offset Types

There are three offset types: zero, positive and negative. Zero offset wheels have a mounting surface that’s in the center of the wheel, while positive offset wheels have a mounting surface that’s outside of the centerline. Negative offset wheels have a mounting surface closer to the vehicle’s center.

Wire Wheels

Wire car wheels are available in front wheel drive, reverse and standard offsets. Standard offsets fit best on rear wheel drive cars; it’s a positive offset, but not by much. Standard offset wheels are typically larger in diameter, and fit nicely in most vehicles’ wheel wells.

Deep Dish Wheels

Reverse offset mag wheels and tyres are sometimes referred to as “deep dish”, and it means that spokes sit further back. Reverse offset wheels give the deep-lipped look that many people are looking for, and many use reverse offset wheels in a smaller diameter to avoid rubbing in the wheel well. However, reverse offset wheels are available in diameters up to 22”.

FWD Offset Wheels

These wheels have a high positive offset, and as their name implies, they’re designed just for vehicles with front wheel drive. Hubs on most FWD vehicles protrude farther than those on rear-wheel-drive cars, and using another offset can wear parts out faster than normal.

Wheel Markings

If you take a close look at any wheel, you will find numbers and letters stamped on the surface. The markings will read something like this: 22×8 135-6-40. The numbers break down as follows:

  • 22×8: the diameter & width of the wheels in inches
  • 135: PCD (bolt pattern measured in millimeters)
  • 5: bolt holes
  • 40: Millimeter measurement of offset

The numbers vary from one wheel to the next, and depend largely on your wheel size and your vehicle. The numbers and information above can be used to determine whether a set of wheels will fit your vehicle. Hopefully the information given here will help you learn about wheel offset and make an informed decision when buying. I just purchased a set of Simmons wheels online and found an amazing deal at AutoCraze. Be sure to check them out if you’re looking for cheap Simmons wheels.

Custom Wheels 101 – Owning and Maintaining a Custom Wheel Set can be Tougher than you Realize


The most common question that people ask about custom wheels is ‘Why?’ The obvious answer is “because it looks cool!” The primary purpose of fitting custom wheels on your ride is the visual aesthetics. There is no better way to put it!

The idea of lending individuality to a car began as early as the 1950s, although, customization options were not as abundant back then! However, with the progress of time and technology, numerous innovations were made, resulting in the world that we live in today!

Why Choose Custom Wheels?

With the rise of new technology, custom wheels came into being. The most popular of which is the mag wheel! Forged magnesium wheels were first introduced in the world of automobile racing. Hence, they are quite expensive, as compared to your regular alloys.

However, with numerous local and international manufacturers opening shop, the availability of the mag wheels have increased, which as a result have decreased the prices to some extent. Magnesium, however, was soon replaced by aluminium, due to its low combustibility.

In case of an accident, magnesium wheels would catch fire easily and burn with immense ferocity. Aluminium, on the other hand, shows no such signs. Magnesium is also prone to oxidisation, which results in corrosion. This damages the wheels and increases the chances of an accident.

However, the benefits of alloy wheels cannot be ignored and they are popular solely for this reason. Custom wheels can be obtained at the local distributors or at the numerous online retailers. However, before you start looking for a new set, you should understand the pros and cons of custom wheels and how to maintain them.

Picking up the Right Set:

Most people fail to realize that unlike stock rims, which do not require steady attention, although, it is always welcome, custom wheels require your attention all the time. You need to make sure that the wheels are in their best shape all year round and there are company-specified instructions that you need to follow for proper maintenance.

Custom wheels are expensive. Hence, you would not like to mess around with them! The next part of owning custom wheels is getting a good pair of tyres for your ride. You could compare tyre prices online, or ask your friends, colleagues or relatives for information. If you’re an 4×4 owner and are looking for a solid pair of off road tyres, you should compare prices at the top online tyre stores before buying as they tend to run great specials on certain brands from time to time.

It is better to opt for reputed brands, since they are more likely to last longer and offer superior traction. A tyre’s lifespan depends entirely upon use. Hence, check your tyre pressure and condition regularly!

Searching Online:

Online distributors often have tyre sales, where you get reputed brands for massive discounts. Keep an eye out for such situations. If you’re looking for massive discounts on tyre prices, you could also search the local custom store, since most people who upgrade to bigger rims, sell off their used or semi-used tyres, which can be a great bargain!

For additional details regarding a 2 inch lift kit, you could discuss with your fellow enthusiasts on the forums, since they might know certain dealerships offering such bonuses! Happy hunting!