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Custom Wheels 101 – Owning and Maintaining a Custom Wheel Set can be Tougher than you Realize


The most common question that people ask about custom wheels is ‘Why?’ The obvious answer is “because it looks cool!” The primary purpose of fitting custom wheels on your ride is the visual aesthetics. There is no better way to put it!

The idea of lending individuality to a car began as early as the 1950s, although, customization options were not as abundant back then! However, with the progress of time and technology, numerous innovations were made, resulting in the world that we live in today!

Why Choose Custom Wheels?

With the rise of new technology, custom wheels came into being. The most popular of which is the mag wheel! Forged magnesium wheels were first introduced in the world of automobile racing. Hence, they are quite expensive, as compared to your regular alloys.

However, with numerous local and international manufacturers opening shop, the availability of the mag wheels have increased, which as a result have decreased the prices to some extent. Magnesium, however, was soon replaced by aluminium, due to its low combustibility.

In case of an accident, magnesium wheels would catch fire easily and burn with immense ferocity. Aluminium, on the other hand, shows no such signs. Magnesium is also prone to oxidisation, which results in corrosion. This damages the wheels and increases the chances of an accident.

However, the benefits of alloy wheels cannot be ignored and they are popular solely for this reason. Custom wheels can be obtained at the local distributors or at the numerous online retailers. However, before you start looking for a new set, you should understand the pros and cons of custom wheels and how to maintain them.

Picking up the Right Set:

Most people fail to realize that unlike stock rims, which do not require steady attention, although, it is always welcome, custom wheels require your attention all the time. You need to make sure that the wheels are in their best shape all year round and there are company-specified instructions that you need to follow for proper maintenance.

Custom wheels are expensive. Hence, you would not like to mess around with them! The next part of owning custom wheels is getting a good pair of tyres for your ride. You could compare tyre prices online, or ask your friends, colleagues or relatives for information. If you’re an 4×4 owner and are looking for a solid pair of off road tyres, you should compare prices at the top online tyre stores before buying as they tend to run great specials on certain brands from time to time.

It is better to opt for reputed brands, since they are more likely to last longer and offer superior traction. A tyre’s lifespan depends entirely upon use. Hence, check your tyre pressure and condition regularly!

Searching Online:

Online distributors often have tyre sales, where you get reputed brands for massive discounts. Keep an eye out for such situations. If you’re looking for massive discounts on tyre prices, you could also search the local custom store, since most people who upgrade to bigger rims, sell off their used or semi-used tyres, which can be a great bargain!

For additional details regarding a 2 inch lift kit, you could discuss with your fellow enthusiasts on the forums, since they might know certain dealerships offering such bonuses! Happy hunting!

Are you searching for the cheapest Tyres in Melbourne?


The tyres of your vehicle are prone to wear and tear on prolonged usage indicating towards replacement and they sure know how to bring that to your attention. Buying tyres in Melbourne can be an expensive affair, especially when it comes to quality and style. Every buyer seeks for good deals that go easy on the pockets. So how does one get cheap tyres in Melbourne?

In Melbourne, you can find automobile stores that are set up to help you browse through a large variety of tyres and alloy wheels. The tyres are usually available in all prices. You can also find cheap tyres in Melbourne through online stores.

One must keep the following in mind while making a purchase of good, cheap tyres in Melbourne:

  • Performance: should be able to provide a good grip on the road. Should be able to assist smooth and precise turns.
  • Cost
  • Maintenance
  • Reliability
  • Safety
  • Style

If you are ready to invest time, you may save yourself quite a lot of money by visiting different shops and comparing the prices they have to offer for tyres. You can do the same while shopping online to find good, cheap tyres in Melbourne. There is always one website that is flashing good discounts or sale. You may also take a look at different packages while browsing through online stores and choose a tyre package that will suit your car the best. Most of these websites offer free shipping as well. This way you will be able to find cheap tyres Melbourne.

When using an online store to buy cheap tyres in Melbourne:

  • You can search tyres by brand, by vehicle, size, range or model. You can even search tyres according to the engine of your car so as to know the pressure that is recommended by the manufacturer.
  • The next step is comparing the performances and distributor’s pricing of all available tyres with the listed manufacturers.
  • You can calculate the savings by seeing their labels.
  • Some sites have experts helping you make the best choice of tyres by guiding you through the best tyres for various seasons, their maintenance and their testing.

Purchasing wheels:

Buying wheels online or at stores is similar to buying tyres even though the parameters of choosing are different.

While purchasing a wheel you need to be well aware of the following:

  • Size of the wheel,
  • The desired wheel finish that will compliment your car,
  • The wheel type and
  • Wheel fitment.

The tyre and wheel relationship is very important to understand. How well the wheel is aligned with your tyre is what determines how often you will be getting your tyres replaced!

As buying a new set of tyres is always time taking and a little expensive, it is best to ensure that your tyres last longer by buying the correct wheels and making sure that tyre balancing and wheel alignment are perfect.

For example,

Alloy wheels are very popular because of their sporty style, light weight and are more affordable than the other steel wheels. They are made up of combinations of magnesium or aluminium and offer a smooth performance to the driver. Mag wheels or magnesium wheels in Australia is costlier than aluminium wheels but are more lightweight.

Things to keep in mind while buying mag wheels:

  • The buyer will be faced with numerous options online as sellers offer wheels in a package of two or four, which is an affordable option for buyers who need more than one wheel. It is also best to purchase a set to ensure all the wheels of the vehicle are the same. The buyer should mention the size of the wheel and the desired wheel finish.
  • The buyers will then have to make a choice between new wheels or the re-manufactured If buying the re-manufactured wheels, the buyer should make sure if the condition of the wheels is good and satisfying.
  • The buyer should also look for the PCD number that indicates the number of bolts present on the wheel has so that it perfectly matches the rest of the wheels in the buyer’s vehicle.

Buying the best wheels and cheap tyres in Melbourne requires a lot of patience. You must be well equipped with information and specifics of what you are searching for. When well aware and eager it is a successful search. And as wheels and tyres play a major role in the safety of your driving, it is okay to spend a little on quality because you will save more in the long run.