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Offset and Custom Wheels


Where wheels are concerned, offset is a measurement from the mounting surface to the center-line. Offset is a determining factor in fitting wheels to your car, and it determines whether the wheels you choose will hit your frame, rub your fenders or fill your wheel wells nicely. Here, you will learn about offset and its role in wheel selection.

Offset Types

There are three offset types: zero, positive and negative. Zero offset wheels have a mounting surface that’s in the center of the wheel, while positive offset wheels have a mounting surface that’s outside of the centerline. Negative offset wheels have a mounting surface closer to the vehicle’s center.

Wire Wheels

Wire car wheels are available in front wheel drive, reverse and standard offsets. Standard offsets fit best on rear wheel drive cars; it’s a positive offset, but not by much. Standard offset wheels are typically larger in diameter, and fit nicely in most vehicles’ wheel wells.

Deep Dish Wheels

Reverse offset mag wheels and tyres are sometimes referred to as “deep dish”, and it means that spokes sit further back. Reverse offset wheels give the deep-lipped look that many people are looking for, and many use reverse offset wheels in a smaller diameter to avoid rubbing in the wheel well. However, reverse offset wheels are available in diameters up to 22”.

FWD Offset Wheels

These wheels have a high positive offset, and as their name implies, they’re designed just for vehicles with front wheel drive. Hubs on most FWD vehicles protrude farther than those on rear-wheel-drive cars, and using another offset can wear parts out faster than normal.

Wheel Markings

If you take a close look at any wheel, you will find numbers and letters stamped on the surface. The markings will read something like this: 22×8 135-6-40. The numbers break down as follows:

  • 22×8: the diameter & width of the wheels in inches
  • 135: PCD (bolt pattern measured in millimeters)
  • 5: bolt holes
  • 40: Millimeter measurement of offset

The numbers vary from one wheel to the next, and depend largely on your wheel size and your vehicle. The numbers and information above can be used to determine whether a set of wheels will fit your vehicle. Hopefully the information given here will help you learn about wheel offset and make an informed decision when buying. I just purchased a set of Simmons wheels online and found an amazing deal at AutoCraze. Be sure to check them out if you’re looking for cheap Simmons wheels.

Why Should You Buy Tyres Online?

Why do people think twice before choosing to buy tyres online? Is it because of the hassles involved such as installation and the lack of help, or is it due to the high risk of duplicity? This is a tough question to answer, especially since no one is willing to state their reasons. However, I feel that online tyre shopping is a more reliable and efficient way of looking for the right pair of shoes for your car, as it saves both time and money.

Breaking the Stereotypes:

For a moment, let’s throw the idea of manual installation out of the window. The online mega stores send the products directly to a tyre shop in your locality, solving your problem of manual installation. However, you will have to pay for the installation. If you opt for a dealership that offers free shipping, you can bear the labor charges.

Online tyre shops usually offer heavy discounts on their products as compared to the conventional “brick and mortar” tyre stores, as they save up a generous amount due to the absence of a physical location. These savings in terms of electricity costs and other taxes are carried forward to the customers.

Online vs. Offline Tyre Shopping:

From my personal experiences, I am fairly certain that you run a higher risk of being duped by offline retailers than online tyre shops. I have had my share of pleasant experiences in buying from an online store and have saved a fairly large sum through all the transactions. While buying cheap tyres online, you need to keep certain things in mind.

Firstly, you need to ensure that the quality of the tyres is what’s advertised. Secondly, make sure that you’ve ordered and received the perfect fit. Improper fittings can result in an accident just when you’re not careful. The choice of tyres depends on a variety of factors, including your driving style, terrain and the local temperature.

A Guide to Online Tyre Shopping:

In order to buy tyres online cheap, follow the following five rules!

  • Shipping: Most online stores do not include free shipping in their final prices or have hidden costs. Make sure that the dealer of your choice is not hiding any expenses from you, as the shipping charges can burn a deep hole in your pocket, depending on your location.
  • Installation: Like I mentioned above, you could opt for manual installation at home, or could ship the products directly to a local facility of your choice. Make sure that the dealer offers free shipping, or else you might have to shell out a considerably huge sum by the end!
  • Compare Prices: Meticulous pricing strategies have a huge role to play in online tyre sales. Make it a point to compare the prices of competing brands and retailers, before choosing the final dealership.

Finding tyres online at your nearest online dealer

If you’re looking to buy michelin tyres online in Sydney, search Google for exactly what you’re looking for. There are many companies with a wide collection of popular mag wheels for you to choose from. Good luck and happy shopping!